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Our story

People always ask us how the name came about and the answer requires a bit of a thought process...

It's not that we're a bunch of feminists trying to take over the world with our girly ways.. although that does sound quite fun. You see, women when challenged, display a ferocity and gritty determination which is really only found in those who didn't realise it was there in the first place. That in itself, is reason enough to encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone and explore their potential, regardless of gender.

Throw into the mix, the era of #ThisGirlCan add a sense of humour.. combine together and there you have it, Run Like a Girl (catch up if you can!). It's fun, sassy and does what it says on the tin.

Our vision

We want every woman to have access to a safe running group, whatever their background, as we believe it's hugely beneficial for general wellbeing. Whatever pace, we'll never leave anyone behind.

Wherever you are in your running journey , we believe that everyone should be able to run safely amongst other like minded people. We take great pride in celebrating our successes and build each other up when things get tough.

Run Like A Girl has helped over 3,000 new runners through the RUN30 programme, and with plenty of encouragement and guidance, can help you on your running journey too. 

Together we run. 

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Meet the team




Amateur Sportswoman of the Year, Coventry & Warwickshire

I’m Lauren, founder of Run Like a Girl (RLAG), fitness coach, wife and mum to two beautiful children. Running is huge part of my life, not only from a fitness perspective but it’s my therapy too! It gives me headspace and time to myself, which equips me to tackle whatever the day throws at me.

I believe that we all deserve that time to ourselves and so I set up Run Like a Girl in July 2015 to offer a safe, friendly and supportive platform for women to learn to run. I’m extremely passionate about RLAG and truly believe that when women support women, wonderful things happen! RLAG epitomises this just perfectly.

In my own time, I enjoy trail running and I love to take part in endurance events. Over the last few years I have completed a variety of challenges, including a 100 mile ultra marathon, the UTMB -CCC in the Alps and hope to complete the Marathon Des Sables in 2021, for charity.

I hope that my love for running will impact on others and encourage them to take on their own goals, showing that it is possible to fit running into your life alongside a family and career, gaining personal achievement along the way.


Group Manager


Winner of the Power of Sport Award - Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire

In July 2015, this group launched its first session, and around the same time I wanted to get fit and be more active, so it seemed like a calling. Since joining the first session I've never looked back and I soon caught 'The Running Bug'. With the kindness and support I received from everyone at RLAG I completed the Beginners course and went onto become an Improver, reaching my own personal goals of a sub 30 minute 5km and completing my first half marathon just a few months later. To date I’ve now completed many races, between 5km and half marathon distance - also a 24 hr relay race, twice!

I recently became a Rabble instructor, along with Lauren and Karen, and look forward to introducing this into RLAG sessions.

Through running I've gained true friends that motivate me to keep going. The way I feel after a run is amazing, it gives me a chance to get lost in myself and see the improvement I've made. I love running because of all these things and more so now because of how it’s brought our community together.

I was made in Run Like A Girl.


Running Leader


I have always loved sport and enjoyed playing football, karate, yoga, running, going to the gym ... I even studied it at college and Uni. Since having children I put it all on hold. I couldn't find the time, energy or enthusiasm to find a way back in. But then RLAG was formed, in 2015, and after following the couch to 5k programme I have my mojo back and I enjoy running. I love getting my boys active and feel running has helped that.

I was injured three years ago and I found yoga helped me to build up the strength, stamina, flexibility and mobility to enjoy running again and stay injury free. I now feel mentally and physically stronger. I compliment my running each week with yoga practice and am training to become a yoga teacher. I will specialise in Yoga for sport, in particular yoga for runners.

I find having a running goal helps me stay motivated and what better running goal than the London marathon!! Feel nervous, scared and excited.


Running Leader


I joined RLAG in 2016 and after running solo I soon came to realise how beneficial running with a group and friends could be and I then became a running leader in 2017. I really just wanted to give something back and offer the support I’d received to others. I enjoyed supporting the Run30 members and watching them progress to Improvers.

I’ve made some life long friends through RLAG and entered many races. I was surprisingly nominated for an award this year through RLAG and won the Power of Sport award for Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire which was a real honour. In December I trained to become a Rabble instructor and look forward to sharing what I learnt with you all.


Running Leader


I was never really a runner but after doing the beginners course I really started to enjoy running. Not only did I meet some lovely ladies but I enjoyed the ‘me time’ and it helped clear my head and keep my worries away. Being a leader is helping me give back to others and I’m hoping, as I’m not a fast runner, they can see it’s about getting out there and enjoying themselves that matters.


Running Leader


I had flirted with the idea of running many years ago, but didn’t get very far. In fact on my first run I managed to get to the end of my road and almost vomited. I ran a few more times but didn’t enjoy it or get very good at it so that was it, I very quickly gave up, embarrassed at my attempts. Roll on another 5 years and I heard about Run Like a Girl. I did the beginners course in May 2017 and I haven’t stopped running since.

Run Like a Girl holds a magic key ingredient for me, it makes every runner, no matter what your speed, age, size, or shape feel like a winner, it’s like being picked first for the sports team at school. That ethos was what made me want to become a running leader in July 2018. I feel very privileged to be involved in such an inspirational group of women.

RLAG has helped me achieve things I never thought possible and from it I’ve had some amazing adventures. I’ve also made some amazing friends along the way.


Running Leader & Mental Health Champion


Early in 2015 my friend and I decided to start running sociably. In August 2015 we heard about a running group that had just been formed for ladies only and so I decided to go along to see what it was all about. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did! When I started running, I never felt comfortable about running alone, but by joining this group I started to gain confidence and now really enjoy my running either in a group or alone and can definitely say I have the running bug! 

In January 2016 I achieved my first 10K run and that inspired me to enter my first ever running event "The Two Castles" I was very apprehensive at first, but I didn't feel alone as other ladies in the group were running with me. After this 10K event I felt that I needed another challenge and so I entered the Birmingham Half Marathon and completed it in October 2016, not stopping there I completed the Liverpool Rock & Roll Marathon in May 2017. Running has also enabled me to combine another passion of mine raising money for Mind a charity close to my heart.

Being with RLAG you are supported and encouraged by so many other ladies, it feels like being a part of one big happy family, so much so and because of my love for running I decided I wanted to become a running leader in November 2016 to help others to get the most out of the group, be it just for enjoyment, to keep fit and healthy or to help build self-confidence.

I am now a mental health champion for England Athletics and Run Like a Girl and formed a mental health group called ‘Mental Health Together’ in October 2017.  We are involved in #runandtalk campaign and organise events and activities in the community, bringing people together supporting mental health and mental well being.


Running Leader 


I completed the Run30 course in May 2016. I was astounded that I had been able to complete the course! I managed to complete the home work runs (with a friend I made on the first night) this helped motivate me, to turn up each week.
Completing the Run30 course was the first time ever I was able to call myself a runner!
I was once embarrassed about my pace and always being near the back of the pack, and how hard I found running.
Now however, I realise that I’m actually happy with just getting out and running. Sometimes I slow down and walk!!! Giving myself permission to ‘walk’ so I can catch my breath during a run, has been liberating!

My running journey has been hampered by issues with Plantar Fasciitis. I have persisted & I finally feel like I’m learning to manage this ‘injury’ with lots of stretching & resting my feet when necessary.
I decided to become a Run Leader, because I want to encourage others runners who are similar to me.
So, if you think you can’t do it, I’m here to say you can. If you think you’re too slow, I’m here to say, so what! And if you’re always at the back of the pack, then good, I’ll see you there, because it’s where all of the fun happens

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Running Leader 


Having joined RLAG in 2015, returning to running from injury, I started from the beginning, completing Run30 then onto the Improvers. The support in my return to running days was so motivating that I so wanted to give the same to others. 

Being a running leader and part of 'team purple' is such a privilege and I love every second of it. Helping other ladies to progress from Beginners to Improvers and seeing their achievements motivates me to run on to achieve my own goals.

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Running Leader 


I joined Run Like a Girl in November 2015. I was already doing a bit of running but didn’t really know what I was doing and hadn’t managed to establish a routine. Through the group, I discovered a love of trail running, learned how to take on hills, and gained the confidence to explore new routes and run longer distances.

What I love most about Run Like a Girl is that it isn't about who runs the furthest or the fastest; it’s about having fun. I've learned from and been inspired by everyone who has been bold enough to try a new challenge, whether that is 5k or 50k.