As Run Like a Girl continues to grow, we are beyond excited to add Stratford to the family tree.


The Run Like a Girl Beginners course is based on the Couch to 5km programme, originally written by the NHS and tweaked by us. It is an 8 week progressive plan, starting with short bursts of running and gradually building up week by week until you are able to run 30 minutes non stop. On graduation day you are presented with a lovely 'Graduate' medal. The cost of this course is £25.

There are currently no active Beginners courses, please join our newsletter for updates on course news.


For those who might have completed the Beginners course or are able to comfortably run at least 5km or around 30 minutes, these sessions focus on improving pace and stamina. With a nice mix of timed runs, longer distances and a variety of speed drills, these sessions will challenge our runners and improve their overall performance. We hope to introduce an Improvers group to Stratford in September, stay tuned.

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Meet our team of friendly and supportive Running Leaders.

Rebekah Grayson-Richardson, Running Leader

I joined the beginners course in July 2016, as a Mum to a daughter of nearly two I wanted some 'me' time, as well as something to help shed the last of the baby weight. 
I have no running history pre this group and was terrified by the thought of joining. Spurred on by a friend I signed up and I have not looked back. 

I have thrived with the support of the other RLAG ladies and pushed myself through runs l never imagined I would do. Half way through the course I tried my first 10k and now 10 weeks after starting my running journey I have completed my second official 10k in 56 min! An achievement I would never have imagined possible without this support.

I work locally as a GP and hope my story can help other RLAG members and my own patients push themselves to become more than you think is possible.

Cat Hale.jpg

Cat Hale

I first learnt about RLAG Leamington in a copy of Runner’s World. I messaged Lauren (Gregory) asking if she’d thought of setting up a group in Stratford upon Avon. 12 months later and the first RLAG Stratford happened. I’ve been part of the team ever since and love encouraging the ladies to achieve goals they never imagined were possible.

Having suffered with my own problems over the years, running has always eased the strain. I completely believe in running to help mental and physical health. It gives your brain the chance to rest, whilst your body gets fitter.

We are all on an amazing journey together and I’m excited to be a part of the RLAG family. Just remember, don’t worry over what you can or can’t do today. Persevere and you will soon be able to look back at how far you’ve come. Rome wasn’t built in a day!