Following in the footsteps of it's big sister group, Run Like a Girl and to meet the demand of a men's equivalent, we have now launched Run Like a GUY!


The Run Like a Guy' Run30 course is based on the Couch to 5km programme, originally written by the NHS and tweaked by us. It is an 8 week progressive plan, starting with short bursts of running and gradually building up week by week until you are able to run 30 minutes non stop. On graduation day you are presented with a lovely 'Graduate' medal.

The next Run30 course starts on Monday 14th May, 7:30pm at St Nicholas Park, Warwick. The cost of this 8 week course is £25 and includes a medal presented to you upon completion. Spaces are now available. 


For those who might have completed the Beginners course or are able to comfortably run at least 5km or around 30 minutes, these sessions focus on improving pace and stamina. With a nice mix of timed runs, longer distances and a variety of speed drills, these sessions will challenge our runners and improve their overall performance. There is no charge for this group.

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Meet our team of friendly and supportive Running Leaders.

James Stacey, Running Leader

I'm a keen runner but certainly not competitive. My journey started just over 10 years ago when my wife dragged me out for a run. Whilst I played football often and thought I was pretty fit I soon realized I wasn't as fit as I would have liked. I started on a program that was pretty much the couch to 5K and felt an amazing sense of achievement when I managed to run for 30 minutes for the first time. It's far to say I haven't looked back.

Stuart Attfield, Running Leader

I am the third and final running leader for this group and I started running back in 2014 in a bid to lose some much needed weight and couldn't even run 1km to begin with without being out of breath and having to take a rest!

Now, three years later, I've completed three half marathons and always on the look out for my next challenge!

Believe me when I say that running really is something that anyone can do, at any age, at any experience level. Hopefully this 8 week course will help you to realise this.  I'm really looking forward to helping you start on the path to running.

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