As Running Leaders we like to think that we are supportive and enthusiastic to all of our members, regardless of running experience. Find out if our members agree..

7 weeks ago I never thought of myself as a runner, but now thanks to this amazing group I can now call myself a runner having just completed my first 5km
— Frances
Thanks to RLAG I have beaten one of my secondary school demons of being told I couldnt do something and never selected for anything sporty. During the PE run I would hang at the back and just walk without encouragement or support to do anything different. Twenty years later after having two kiddies I can confidently say I can run 5k and have never felt better. It’s not only fun and physically healthy, RLAG keeps your mind healthy too with a growing bunch of ladies who share similar worries, fears and dreams. We’re all in it together.
— Dawn
Thank you Lauren for helping me to run for the first time in my life. It is lovely to be with such a friendly group of people,all achieving great things. We all seem to be motivated by you the original leader but also Becky and Andy, sharing the burden.
I have spoken to several others about the group, there is so much motivation, support and good humour in the group. Thank you all for your hard work, it seems to be taking off exponentially now.
— Christine
“I certainly would NEVER have imagined or believed it possible for me to be able to complete a 5k run. I was the one who would always, without fail, get out of cross country at school! I totally didn’t think I had it in me. 7 weeks on and I can proudly say, I did it! It was only possible for me, with the support of the amazing girls who make up RLAG. Amazing!
— Elaine
I was always the one who was picked last for teams in PE at school. I hated sport and could never have imagined running for fun. Then I found out about RLAG. I decided to join as I wanted to get fit and have enough energy to run around with my 3 boys. I have made some great friends and can honestly say that I look forward to Tuesday evening every week, even after a long day at work. I have achieved things I never thought possible due to Lauren’s great advice and support from the fantastic group members and have learnt that the mind is a very powerful tool. Anyone who is looking for some motivation in the most friendly, supportive group you can imagine should join us- you won’t look back!!
— Kelly
I am relatively new to RLAG but 9 months after having a baby I’m finally back on track with fitness thanks to the RLAG group. Thank you for all your support
— Ruby
I always wanted to be one of those people I saw running round the park or down the road but I didn’t think I had what it took. I had tried and failed a couple of times but then RLAG came along and I thought why not - best decision I ever made. I now run regularly and it turns out I did have what it took, I just needed some encouragement
— Katrina
I tend to exercise on my own at the gym or cycling however I decided I wanted to start running, coming across RLAG was the best thing! I was a little anxious about going to the first run because I thought everyone would have their own friends they run with and I wouldn’t fit in well. However because the fb page was so friendly I decided to go along. I absolutely loved it! From that first run I was hooked, never did I think I would enjoy running around getting muddy on a Tuesday night but I did. I found something I really enjoyed. The group offers you a chance to step outside your comfort zone but while surrounded by support. I have made some lovely friends who I see outside the group, By joining this group I didn’t just become part of a running group but i became part of something bigger. The running leaders are amazing, they have inspired me to get out there and get running. They are friendly, motivating and full of first hand experience.
I wouldn’t join any other group
— Michelle
I’m not a runner, in fact far from it, it’s not something that comes easily to me! I have a love/hate relationship with it but once I’ve finished a run I feel so good and that’s what brings me back every week along with the amazing support and a lovely bunch of ladies! When I started the group in the summer I couldn’t run at all, now I have completed 6k runs, I love the sense of achievement you get once you’ve done a run, and after a night of literally no sleep it’s great for clearing your head! Thankyou so much for setting up this fantastic group, I couldn’t have done it alone, I know I moan most weeks about how I can’t do it any more but I really appreciate all of the support that you all give me.
— Jen
A few months ago, I told my husband I’m going to go running in the mornings before he went to work. Weeks on, I still hadn’t gone, trainers still in the cupboard! Then along came RLAG, I turn up week after week and enjoy it! The motivation, support and encouragement that runs (ha ha) through the group is incredible. Thank you Lauren and Becky for running this group and getting us off the couch to 5k and further
— Lynsey
I was so nervous to join Run Like a Girl back in July but I’m so glad I did and now I’ve never missed a single session! It’s been amazing to see it grow over the months from just 23 ladies at the beginning. That first week was tough, running for just 60 seconds was so hard and I definitely thought about giving up and not coming back again but I’m so glad to have had the support and motivation from the other ladies in this group, especially those who have now called me an inspiration.. me?! The girl who found week one tough can now run for a whole 60 minutes and I couldn’t be any more thankful to Rebecca and Andy for keeping me going each week but especially Lauren who has given so much support, kindness, motivation and a lot of her time. I’m also thankful for the friends I’ve made through this group, one in particular who is a perfect pace match that runs with me week in and week out. Never in my lifetime did I think that I would get emotional about running but I guess that goes to show how much passion I now have for it. Team RLAG!
— Liv
Running is always a sport that I have been a great spectator at and never something I thought I was capable of. I was always really jealous of the great sense of achievement I could see from friends and family when they completed a race and always shared a happy tear with them at the end. My friend convinced me to try out this new group for ladies and I’ve not looked back since, I’m not going to lie it’s been really tough but I love how I am now the one shedding a tear at my own feeling of achievement! Lauren, Andy and Rebecca are an amazing support team along with my new found running buddies (something 6 months ago I would never have said!)
— Sarah
I almost didn’t get out of the car on that first Tuesday evening. My husband gave me a shove and I’m so glad he did. I’ve made some wonderful friends and recently achieved what I thought would be impossible - I ran 5K! RLAG is a group of amazing, supportive and inspirational ladies and Tuesday is now my favourite day of the week! Thank you to Lauren, Becky and Andy for all of your hard work and your commitment to helping us to succeed
— Jennie
Prior to having my baby I was a motivated runner who did many 5k and 10k events. Upon getting pregnant I immediately put away my running shoes and put my feet up on the sofa. Eighteen months after giving birth and struggling to feel comfortable in my new bigger body and I saw the advert for RLAG. It has been my saviour. I’m getting back into exercise and remembering why I loved running so much before. I have also made some amazing new friends who make exercising fun! I can’t stop telling everyone about the group and I feel really proud to have been part of it since the start.
— Laura
RLAG is the best running group.....Simples! Put on your trainers and join will finish the session feeling triumphant and even better Lauren tells us she feels that way too!
— Melissa
I joined run like a girl to re-kick my fitness regime. I’d always enjoyed fitness but stopped after having my son and I was with a group of women in a similar boat. I feel rejuvenated. Thank you Lauren and Rebecca for everything you do and making this group such a fun and supportive place to be
— Sarah