To Run Like a Girl...

It's not that we're a bunch of feminists trying to take over the world with our girly ways.. although that does sound quite fun. You see, women when challenged, display a ferocity and gritty determination which is really only found in those who didn't realise it was there in the first place. That in itself, is reason enough to encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone and explore their potential, regardless of gender.

Throw into the mix, the era of #ThisGirlCan add a sense of humour.. combine together and there you have it, Run Like a Girl (catch up if you can!). It's fun, sassy and does what it says on the tin.

The name had stuck and it was then that I stumbled across this fantastic video on Youtube. If you're still unclear about my choice of name for this group, then I urge you to take a couple of minutes to watch this.