Proudly working with Warwick Active to bring a NEW Beginners course targeted at 16-25 year old students!

We are excited to have been asked by Warwick University to lead a Beginners course as part of their Warwick Active sports programme. Although targeted to encourage exercise in 16-25 year old female students, this course is open to everyone. On Tuesday 25th October, this new Beginners courses will be led by Liv Boucher, one of our founder members and long standing Running Leaders. The cost of this course is just £10 and includes a medal, proudly presented to you upon completion of the 8 week course.

For more information about this course and to book your place please complete and submit the form below.

Starting Tuesday 25th October at 6:15pm

Liv Boucher

Running Leader

In July 2015, this group launched its first session, and around the same time I wanted to get fit and be more active, so it seemed like a calling. Since joining the first session I've never looked back and I soon caught 'The Running Bug'. With the kindness and support I received from everyone at RLAG I completed the course and went onto become an Improver, reaching my own personal goals of a sub 30 minute 5km and completing my first half marathon.

Through running, I've gained true friends that motivate me to keep going, the way I feel after a run is amazing. It gives me a chance to get lost in myself and see the improvement I've made. I love running because of all these things and more so now because of how it’s brought our community together.

Running has become second nature to me and has impacted my life in such a way that I can't imagine being without it now. I was recently given the 'Power of Sport Award' representing Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire and I feel incredibly proud and honored for this accolade.

The meeting point for each session will be near the entrance to the Park and Ride on Kenilworth Road

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