Award winning Run Like A Girl have teamed up with post-natal Personal Trainer Beth Davies to deliver an 8-week running course designed for mums.


Victoria Park, Leamington Spa for the first two weeks and then The Pump Room Gardens, Leamington Spa for the remaining six weeks

What you will get

  • In-depth screening including assessment of alignment and tummy muscles 
  • Breathing and alignment strategies to help you run with confidence 
  • Exercises to strengthen the core and pelvic floor
  • Running specific conditioning 
  • A running programme that will take you to 30 mins continuous running 
  • An opportunity to meet other mums in a friendly and supportive group 
  • A babysitter to look after the little ones (running weeks only)
  • Suitable from 4 months post birth
  • Special offer to members of RLAG Mum & Baby group - a discount on Leamington Mumfit indoor and outdoor classes (£30 for 5 sessions rather than £35)
  • A well earned medal at the end!

All this for a one-off cost of £45


Beth Davies

I'm Beth and I'm a mum to 2 year old Juliet, wife to Chris and a personal trainer.

My passion is helping women find balance between food, fitness and everyday life and working with women during some of the most important times of their lives - during pregnancy and then after baby when everything is a little crazy and you're wanting to feel like yourself again. 

Exercise during pregnancy and after giving birth can seem a bit confusing with so much information (and misinformation!) out there so I ensure that my clients do exercise which is both appropriate and effective. I'm an advanced post natal specialist so my work has a big emphasis on the core and pelvic floor and helping mums (both new and not so new) to heal their bodies and build a solid foundation so they can start or get back to doing the exercise they want to be doing.