Accelerate : 21-day Healthy Eating Programme

Do you want to step-up to the mark this Spring?

Join Run Like a Girl for our 21-day Accelerate programme, created and supported by Gut Reaction's nutritionist, Sarah Grant. 

We asked Sarah to design a nutritionally-balanced food plan to help our runners accelerate their well-being and fitness goals this Spring including: 

  • boosting energy levels
  • improving running performance and stamina
  • stepping-up metabolism and shaping up
  • kick-starting healthy habits

Sign-up today and on 1st May the programme will kick-off with:

  • A food plan guide providing 21-days of fresh, clean but satisfying, nutrient-dense ‘pick and mix’ recipes which can be prepared in just 15 to 20 minutes
  • Access to a private Facebook group where Sarah will answer all your questions and provide additional support, motivation, tips and tricks
  • A kick-off Q&A session with Sarah and a nutritional goody bag

And we'll be following the 21-day programme right along with you. 

All this for a one-off cost of £65

Sarah Grant - Dip NT, mBANT

A registered nutritional therapist and health coach, Sarah’s business Gut Reaction is fast gaining a reputation for the success of her highly personalised and dedicated approach to nutrition support. 

She helps her clients reach their short- and long-term health goals including feeling more energised, managing weight, clearing-up digestive issues - and embedding sustainable healthy eating habits along the way. 

Her mantra is "real food is at the core of gut health, and gut health is at the core of wellbeing".

In her practice she uses state-of-the art genetic testing and digestive analysis to give her clients deeper insights in to their health and wellbeing, but her dietary approach always come back to achieving a healthy balance – which she says is ultimately about consistently enjoying a spectrum of nourishing and ridiculously delicious real foods as the basis of our daily intake.

In the food plan she has created for RLAG, you will therefore find a versatile array of nutrient dense recipes and satisfying mix and match meal ideals based on simple uncomplicated fresh ingredients. They are easy to prepare and many giving you the flexibility to experiment with flavours to suit your own tastes – and the family will enjoy too.

Even if you’re already committed to your wellbeing, the 21-day healthy eating programme is an ideal way to accelerate your wellbeing and fitness goals this Spring - boost energy levels, improve running performance and stamina, step-up your metabolism and generally kick-start healthy habits.